Vinyl Tile Installation in Woodbridge, VA

There’s more to vinyl tile installation in Woodbridge, VA, than peel and stick. For your home or business, you want flooring that looks appealing and stands up to daily wear and tear. Professional flooring installation accomplishes that.

In business since 2009, Woodbridge Carpet Supply Inc specializes in installing a variety of flooring types including vinyl in tiles, sheets, and planks. This handsome floor covering becomes more popular by the day due to its affordable pricing and proven performance, as well as its ability to mimic other flooring types. Rely on our technicians for quality installation that stands the test of time.

Professional Installation for Vinyl That Lasts

When you want to walk on your floor coverings for many long and happy years, opt for installation from our professionals. It may seem easy to lay vinyl, but it’s much more complicated than it looks. Trust us. We’ve been installing vinyl for years and know the techniques that result in beautiful and durable flooring.

While vinyl can be installed on top of another flooring, that flooring must be clean, level, dry, and in good condition. Any wetness or imperfection impacts the look and feel of your new vinyl, and can result in a shortened lifespan.

Another concern is measurements. Ask us to come to your house or business to measure your room and give you a free estimate. We can provide the flooring and installation, or just the installation service. That’s entirely up to you.

Feel confident about our workmanship for we are a family-owned-and-operated business that is successful due to our reputation for exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship. Know that we take great pride in our work and back this up with a one-year warranty on labor.

In-Demand Vinyl Flooring

Versatile vinyl is in demand by our customers for a great many reasons. Since this flooring is manufactured, it can be made to look like many other floor coverings. Vinyl can be made in strips to resemble wood or in tiles to look like ceramic. This flooring is also available in large sheets with a variety of looks, styles, and colors.

Then, too, vinyl is tough enough for heavy foot traffic, which is ideal for families with children and pets, as well as for businesses with lots of customers. This no-nonsense flooring option is also low maintenance, requiring only a sweeping and damp mopping to look its best.

Talk with us about your options in vinyl flooring and then choose professional quality installation. With our expertise, we work efficiently—getting many jobs done is as little as one day. After our technicians leave, you have new vinyl floor coverings that add appeal and value to your property.

Contact us today for an estimate to install vinyl flooring in your home or business.
We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Northern Virginia.