House Cleaning in Woodbridge, VA

Everyone loves a clean and tidy house. However, your busy schedule doesn’t leave you much time for vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing. Why stay up late, get up early, or work all weekend mopping, sweeping, and polishing? Instead, reach out to Woodbridge Carpet Supply Inc for house cleaning services in Woodbridge, VA.

Yes, in addition to offering flooring installation and providing carpet supplies, we clean houses of all shapes and sizes from single-family dwellings to apartments to condos and townhouses. Call us to talk about your cleaning needs and get an estimate for service.

Cleaning Where & When You Want

Trust in our professionals to get your house spic and span in a jiffy. We offer you a custom package of cleaning services that meet your needs. Ask us to come to you once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.

We clean your entire house from top to bottom. Our technicians provide the following services:

  • Mopping and/or Sweeping Hard Surfaces
  • Vacuuming Carpeting & Rugs
  • Dusting High & Low
  • Sanitizing Bathrooms
  • Cleaning Glass
  • Wiping Countertops
  • Wiping Appliances
  • Emptying the Trash
  • Cleaning Mirrors

Cleaning Homes of All Shapes & Sizes

There are cleaning basics that apply to all homes, no matter how near or far away your neighbors are. However, cleaning different types of dwellings offer unique challenges with our cleaning crew up to that challenge. Let us provide you with:

  • Apartment Cleaning—We can navigate the stairs with our equipment and supplies, coming to you no matter what floor on which you live. Our professionals know how to work well in small spaces and respect the privacy of your neighbors.
  • Condo Cleaning—In a condo, you own the inside of your individual unit, and the condo corporation owns the outside of the building. Then, there are common areas that everyone shares. Before we start cleaning your condo, we check with you about the rules and make sure to stick to them. This also involves parking only in designated guest areas and taking care to keep the noise down.
  • Townhouse Cleaning—In a townhouse, you own your unit, the patch of grass your house sits on, and share walls with your neighbors. Those walls may be thin, so we take care to work efficiently, yet quietly. Count on us to clean upstairs and downstairs for a townhouse that’s a joy to come home to.

Contact us today to ask for an estimate on cleaning services for your home. We proudly serve residential customers in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Northern Virginia.