Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Woodbridge, VA

You have opted for the elegance of hardwood floors in your home. To ensure your floors look their best and last a long time, count on Woodbridge Carpet Supply Inc. Our family-owned-and-operated company offers hardwood floor installation services in Woodbridge, VA. Call us to request a free estimate.

In business since 2009, we specialize in flooring installation. Rest assured our technicians have the skill and knowledge to install all types and brands of wood floors. On the job, we’re efficient, organized, tidy, and courteous. We can provide you with quality, affordable wood floors; or you can supply the flooring and request our service for installation only.

Putting in Solid Wood Floors

Essentially, you have two choices in wood flooring—solid or engineered wood. The difference in the flooring type dictates our approach to installation.

Solid wood is milled from a single board, it consists of the same species throughout each plank or strip. This is the reason for its beauty and longevity. With regular maintenance, this floor covering can last for as long as 100 years.

With solid wood installation, the boards need to be in your house at least three days in advance. This allows the wood to acclimate to the level of humidity in your house, thus preventing cracking and splitting.

Our technicians start by ripping out the old flooring and disposing of it, they then turn their attention to the subfloor, which must be clean, dry, and level. Only then do we begin installation. We urge you to choose installation by experienced professionals to protect your investment. Installing this flooring option requires proven practices and specialized tools. You don’t want to waste money on mistakes.

Installing Engineered Wood

The process for installing engineered wood is different as this flooring type is manufactured. There’s no need to allow the wood time to get used to humidity levels as this flooring is made from a veneer of hardwood on the top with layers of compressed wood underneath. Because of its construction, engineered wood doesn’t react to moisture, which gives it greater versatility for installation.

There are four different methods for installing this flooring—nails, glue, staples, and floating. Our technicians follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use our expertise for superior quality installation. Feel confident about our service for we provide a one-year warranty on labor.

Note: We don’t offer repair or refinishing of wood flooring.

Contact us today to install wood floors that offer enduring beauty. We proudly serve residential customers in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Northern Virginia.