Carpet Repairs in Woodbridge, VA

Carpeting is a big investment for any home or business owner. That is why Woodbridge Carpet Supply Inc provides services that renew your carpeting, delaying the day you have to replace it. The technicians at our flooring installation company can repair, re-stretch, or restore your valuable carpeting, so it looks as good as new. Call to tell us about your problems, and we offer reliable solutions.

Patching to Remove Areas of Damage

Choose carpet repair in Woodbridge, VA, when you have a patch or two with damage from stains, tears, burns, or fading. Our technicians have the skill and experience to take care of the problem. We use professional techniques and tools to achieve impressive results.

What we do is carefully remove the damaged area and replace it with new carpeting. Our technicians remove as little as possible of the original carpeting and then apply the patch. We glue the new piece into place and then work the seams into the nap, so the repair is all but invisible.

Re-Stretching—A Facelift for Your Carpeting

You may remember watching technicians carefully stretching your carpeting taut when it was installed. However, over time, the fabric became bunched up and loose. This is a sign your flooring needs carpet re-stretching. Schedule a convenient day and time for service with us.

Professional tools and know-how are a must for optimal results. This is because the fabric is stretched from both ends until it lays smooth and flat. Then, the excess is cut away and carpeting secured once again. When your carpet is in good shape, re-stretching is a cost-effective option for enhanced appeal.

Our technicians also offer re-tucking. This is the process of tucking the edge of the carpet firmly next to a wall or baseboard, so it doesn’t bunch up and cause someone to trip.

When the Problem Is Underneath the Carpeting

Sometimes, it’s not the carpeting that needs replacement, but the padding underneath. The pad may be worn thin in spots or damaged by water or pet urine. Turn to us for superior service and professional quality results. We pull up the carpeting, remove the damaged padding underneath, and replace it with clean padding. The final step is to lay the carpeting on top, stretch it, and secure it.

Contact us today to save you money by repairing or re-stretching your carpeting. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Northern Virginia.